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Strong to move materials in a practical and fast where you need . The Multi Mover arm moves loads and palletized materials and can be attached to tractors, backhoes, Big -Bag , Munck trucks and also in industrial rolling points. Use Multi arm to facilitate removal and tire assembly. When coupled to the hydraulic system , the Multi Mover arm can perform functions similar to a empulhadeira at its headquarters or his farm .
Technical Specifications:
Charge Capacity
2,5 ton
1,40m a 1,90m
Vertical opening
1,05m máx
Horizontal opening
Gravitational grip
Spear thickness

Contact us for optional 3rd hydraulic point , different dimensions or higher load capacity .


  • Practicity
  • Agility and strength
  • Pallet handling where you need it
  • Use in various implements
  • Facilitates the removal and tire assembly
  • Performs functions similar to a forklift
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