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The MARINI is a company founded in 1989, located in the city of Passo Fundo - RS - Brazil, in the state that produces 60% of machines, components and implements manufactured in Brazil.

The MARINI has focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing of agricultural equipment. The company is family structure and has a pioneering and innovative vision with recognition achieved in the agricultural market.

MARINI leads the Brazilian Double Wheels market for tractors, harvesters and axle stretchers for tractors, in addition to exporting its products to other countries in the Americas. The company has increased its production, in view of the increased demand for its products for tractors and harvesters, all MARINI brand products.

Brazil is one on the largest producers of cereals and seeds in the world, so MARINI has worked hard, with quality and innovation, being certified to the ISO9001 international standard quality, always seeking to be the first choice of customers and contributing with Brazil increasing its exports, in addition to providing a world with more food and energy.

MARINI supplies major brands of Brazilian agribusiness, being suitable to the high requirements of quality and safety of our customers such as Massey Ferguson, Valtra, Agrale, LS Tractor, Stara, PLA and others. MARINI manages its business area through service to farmers in all of Brazil, the most important dealers of agricultural machinery in Brazil and Ethanol Plants like Cosan and São Martinho, with specific products developed by MARINI and thus serving the entire trade chain, the result of our products won to customers as Pioneer and Monsanto, who use our products in their experimental areas from which emerge the new technologies in crop protection. The MARINI also has its products in Africa, Bolivia, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay and others.

Awards And Highlights

Founded: 06/19/1989

Finalist for the best of the land Gerdau Award - 2002 Edition

Patented products by the National Institute of Intellectual Property

International quality standard certificate ISO 9001

Award Outstanding Expointer 2010 Machinery and Agricultural Implements RS (Simers)

Case ESPM - School of Communication and Marketing, Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness - 2014


"Satisfy customers with quality products and technology, increasing the production of food and energy, with management focused on continuous improvement"."


"Develop products with quality and technology and is the best choice for customers with innovative products".


Increase Profitability;

Meet customer;

Having a management focused on continuous improvement ;

Develop products with quality and technology;

Valuing people.